Major Groups-led Initiative in support of UNFF – day 4

Major Groups-led Initiative in support of UNFF – day 4

March 5, 2015

Park Village Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal

The fourth day of the MGI in Nepal started off with a review of the field trips the day before. Participants shared their experiences and impressions of the community forest project they had visited and reflected on the day. All participants now have an idea of what each project was about and the differences between the community forestry projects.




After this reflection on the field trips the focus was back on the working groups. Each working group presented their discussion on topic 2: Strengthening the mechanisms of engagement of Major Groups in UNFF process. After a short recess the working groups focused on the third and last theme of discussion: Financial mechanisms for undertaking Sustainable Forest Management. Each working group presented their discussions afterwards.

At the end of the day new groups were formed. Each group would focus on one of the three themes; the new United Nations body for Sustainable Forests Management (SFM); financial mechanisms for undertaking SFM; and enhancing the engagement of Major Groups participation in the UNFF process, and summarize recommendations based on the outcome of the working group sessions.