Major Groups-led Initiative in support of UNFF – day 5

Major Groups-led Initiative in support of UNFF – day 5

March 6, 2015

Park Village Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal

The final day of the MGI was one of conclusions and recommendations. At first the three groups, working on the individual themes (the new United Nations body for Sustainable Forests Management (SFM); financial mechanisms for undertaking SFM; and enhancing the engagement of Major Groups participation in the UNFF process), presented their consolidated reports to the plenary for final discussion and input. The conclusions and recommendations were issued in a communiqué and presented to the press by Mr. Lambert Okrah –  Communiqué on a Major Groups Workshop Developing Recommendations for UNFF-11.



Mr. Joseph Cobbinah, Chair of the Board of MGPoF, made the closing remarks on behalf of the Workshop’s Organizing Committee. The official closing address on behalf of the Government of Nepal was done by Mr. Sharad Chandra Paudel, Secretary, Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation, Government of Nepal. Mr. Lambert Okrah officially closed the meeting with a reminder that UNFF11 is where the work really begins.

Click here if you interested in reading the workshop outputs and the communiqué.