At the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), Governments adopted Agenda 21, an action plan to achieve sustainable development. Chapter 23 of Agenda 21 recognizes the important role of civil society and the need to strengthen the role of civil society. This relationship was formalized under the heading of ‘Major Groups’ which identified nine sectors of non-state participants as critical to the achievement of sustainable development. They include:

  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Women
  • Youth and Children
  • Forest Workers and Trade Unions
  • Farmers and Small Forest Landowners
  • Local Authorities
  • Scientific and Technological Community
  • Business and Industry
  • Non-Governmental Organizations

To participate in the work of MGPoF, an organization must be legally registered with their countries’ authorities and to classify itself as any of the Major Groups listed above. You can register as a participating member here.