MGI 2015 – Report of Workshop Proceedings

MGI 2015 – Report of Workshop Proceedings

Major Groups-Led Initiative in Support of the United Nations Forum on Forests

Sustainable Forest Management: Designing the Vehicles for Securing the Means of Implementation
Kathmandu, Nepal, 2-6 March, 2015


Executive Summary

Major Groups play a critical role within the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF), both in contributing to policy formulation and in the implementation of UNFF decisions at regional, national and local levels. Engaging Major Groups effectively is therefore key to the success of the work of UNFF, and the achievement of the 4 Global Objectives on Forests (GOFs) stated in the Non-Legally Binding Instrument on all Types of Forests (NLBI) adopted by the seventh session of UNFF (UNFF7).

In March 2015, a global workshop of the Major Groups-Led Initiative in support of the UNFF (MGI) was hosted by the Government of Nepal. The five-day workshop was attended by 76 participants from 36 countries representing the following 8 of the 9 official Major Groups identified by the United Nations: Children and Youth; Farmers and Small Forests Landowners; Indigenous Peoples; Local Authorities; Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs); Scientific and Technological Community; Women; and Wood Workers and Trade Unions. Representatives of the ninth UN Major Group of Business and Industry were not present. Also in attendance were representatives of the Government of Nepal, German Embassy in Nepal, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) and UNFF Secretariat.

The workshop was participant-driven and designed to ensure a high level of participation and engagement among delegates. The structure of the event included presentations by invited speakers; interactive presentations of case studies; participatory round-table discussions; facilitated working group sessions; and plenary convocations. There was also a day of field visits for participants to interact with, and learn from, local Community Forest projects.

The central objective was to develop concrete recommendations for the eleventh session of the UNFF (UNFF11), being held in New York from 4-15 May 2015. In approaching the MGI’s overall theme of “Sustainable forest management: Designing the vehicles for securing the means of implementation”, workshop participants focused their discussions on the following three topics:

  • the new United Nations body for Sustainable Forest Management (SFM);
  • financial mechanisms for undertaking SFM; and
  • enhancing the engagement of Major Groups participation in the UNFF process.

Based on the workshop discussions, key recommendations were developed for presentation to UNFF11 in May 2015 on each of the three topics. The discussions also served as the basis for a communiqué that was issued at the end of the workshop.

The final report of the MGI 2015 can be downloaded in the Workshop Outputs section.