Levels of Organization


National Level:
As the coordinating organization of Major Groups Organizations participating in the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) process, Major Groups Partnership on Forests (MGPoF) serves as the vehicle for mobilizing Major Groups organizations for policy and implementation from national to international level.

At the national level, all organizations that have registered to participate in the work of MGPoF will constitute themselves into a working group called MGPoF National Working Group identifying the country it represents (eg. MGPoF National Working Group-Ghana).

These national working groups, in line with the international arrangement where focal points are selected for UNFF, will select national focal points representing the various Major Groups participating in the working group.

This means that we will have national focal points of Major Groups present in each participating country constituting the national coordinating body of MGPoF. These working Groups will thus directly be involved in international policy dialogue and implementation as they relate to joint Major Groups programmes at the national levels.

Regional Level:
Based on the UN regions, national working groups will be facilitated to select regional focal points for each of the five UN regions: African Group, Asia Pacific Group, Eastern European Group, Latin American and Caribbean Group and Western Europe and Others Group. They will constitute the regional coordination bodies of MGPoF of the respective regions.

These regional focal points will play a leading role in mobilizing Major Groups involvement in the regions and serving as the link between the national and international.

International Level:
At the international level, the main focal points of UNFF constitute the international coordination body of Major Groups Partnership on Forests (MGPoF). Working with the respective participating organizations of their Major Groups worldwide, they will be responsible at the global level for joint activities of Major Groups under the auspices of MGPoF.

Focal points
Apart from the national level where participating organizations will select their own focal points, MGPoF office as an independent body shall facilitate the selection of focal points at the international and regional levels when there is a vacancy based on an approved criteria by the international coordination team.

The organization maintains an international secretariat in Ottawa, Canada with staff that is responsible for the day-to-day work of the organization. The organization may decide to establish regional and national coordination offices as deemed necessary.

Contact Details:
Major Groups Partnership on Forests 85 Albert Street, suite #1510
Ottawa, ON K1P 6A4 Canada
Tel: +1-613-236-4763

E-mail: info@mgp-forests.org