UNFF11 – Day 4 and 5

UNFF11 – Day 4 and 5

UN Headquarters, New York
Day 4 – May 7, 2015

On the fourth day of the eleventh session of the United Nation Forum on Forests the Working Groups continued their discussions during both the morning and the afternoon sessions. On this fourth day of the session general comments on the zero draft ministerial declaration (WG1) and the zero draft resolution (WG2) were given by Member States. Several Member States mentioned the critical importance of Major Groups participation and involvement in the UNFF.

The side events during day 4 were:

  1. Germany/FAO – Monitoring the contributions of forests to sustainable development in the context of the Post-2015 Development Agenda
  2. The Global Environment Facility (The GEF) – GEF-6 Forest Financing

Day 5 – May 8, 2015

The fifth day and the last day of the first week, Member States continued their discussions on the zero draft resolution and ministerial declaration in the Working Groups till late in the evening.

The side events during day 5 were:

  1. Forest Europe (MCPFE) – 25 years of the FOREST EUROPE process: challenges and opportunities for forests in the pan-European region
  2. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – Forest Stewardship Council and its contributions to Global Objectives on Forests plans for the future
  3. Major Groups Partnership on Forests (MGPoF)/International Tropical Timber Organizations (ITTO) – Major Groups, MGPoF and Major Group-Led Initiatives:

The side event was chaired by Marrku Aho (Forest and Farm Facility Steering Committee). Words of introduction were provided by Takeshi Goto (ITTO), Lambert Okrah (MGPoF) presented an overview of 1. Major Groups participation and involvement in UNFF, 2. the establishment of MGPoF, 3. the organized Major Group-Led Initiative’s and 4. how to increase and enhance Major Groups participation in the future IAF. Sarah Dickson-Hoyle and Gabrielle Schittecatte (IFSA) presented a case study of Major Group engagement using the example of the Interlaken+10 Youth Conference which was organized during the CLI in Switzerland. Questions that were asked after the presentations; How to link MGPoF and the CSO network of GEF, the opportunity for organizations to access the GEF Small Grants Programme with the help of MGPoF and what project could be thought of for MGPoF to carry out to enhance the visibility of MGPoF and show its relevance? The event concluded with a general discussion on how to make good use of the competitive advantage of MGPoF.